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Why is the vending machine noisy? Isn't it good for a long time?
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Why is the vending machine noisy? When the vending machine produces noise, pay attention to regularly cleaning the dust on the condenser. There is a lot of noise in the vending machine, mainly when it is cooled, and it is normal to have a sound. It is normal for the vending machine to start up. The position of the vending machine is stable, the system is unstable when starting, the compressor in the cabinet will vibrate, and the sound will be louder. The vending machine adopts intermittent refrigeration. When the temperature in the cabinet reaches a certain value, the compressor will stop running. There was no sound. Therefore, the selection of quality products such as aifeng brand, according to the national commercial refrigerator industry standard for a year, life maintenance.
We have a lot of clients to consult us, the vending machine has never been on the machine since it was bought and used, and it is always open, will it have any impact on the cabinet? Will there be any bad influence on the compressor, will not reduce the service life of the compressor, the following is our vending machine to explain to you! Most of the vending machines in the market today are controlled by microcomputers. He has an automatic thermostat, and the temperature goes back and forth between 2 and 8 degrees, 2 degrees down, 8 degrees. The compressor will automatically stop when it reaches a certain temperature after working for a period of time. The frequent switching machine will not work well for the compressor, it will also affect the service life of the refrigerator.
So we suggest using the vending machine, do not frequently switch machine, keep on, freezers when reached the set temperature, compressor, automatic stop, such use is not only a right, instead more save electricity. If it is a frequent switch machine, air-conditioner temperature shutdown, restart, to reach the set temperature, the compressor and will continue to work, not only power, also affect the service life of the air-conditioner.
If you think the compressor work will increase power consumption for a long time, this can be rest assured that we use are imported units, pure copper pipe, compressor refrigerating capacity is big, small power consumption, and energy-saving night curtain.