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What if the vending machine is broken?
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Why should the vending machine set up the insulation?
Due to the difference in temperature between the two sides of the vending machine enclosure (or the inside and outside of the vending machine), there is a movement of the wet air along with the transfer of heat. This movement of moisture is called the penetration of steam. It is difficult to break the water vapour. It's even harder than blocking the heat flow.
The temperature difference between the two sides of the envelope can cause the differential pressure of water vapor, thus forming the power of water vapor permeation.
Such as the outside of the vending machine (that is, the high temperature side) to 30 ℃, relative humidity is 60% when the water vapor partial pressure of 19.09 mm hg, the low temperature side 0 ℃, even if the relative humidity is 100%, the water vapor partial pressure pump column is only 4.58 mm. Thus, the water vapor pressure on both sides of the enclosure structure is (19.09mm hg -4.58mm mercury column).
The 14.51mm mercury column, which is a considerable boost from a normal fan with a 30-60mm head of water, is a driving force. The crack in the tiny pores that water the water vapor over the containment structure goes into the vending machine, which puts moisture into the surrounding structure and insulation. It has a very negative effect on the insulation of the vending machine.
Especially for gas the vending machine is particularly important, because in addition to the steam into the palisade structure for heat preservation, also can cause the change of the gas within the vending machine, is not conducive to fruit and vegetable storage. Driven by the differential pressure of water vapor, the water vapor outside the vending machine can penetrate into the vending machine. When water vapor penetration to the retaining structure of the gas inside the cooling to the dew point or freezing point temperature (especially in the low temperature in the vending machine), water vapor in the insulation gaps and cracks, condenses into water droplets or ice crystals, damp heat insulation material and reduce heat insulation performance.